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An Ethical Dead End?


My sixth sense tells me that "Blunderville, " the great Montpeculiar political controversy of last week - the charges flying from House Speaker Gaye Symington about Transportation Secretary Neale Lunderville trying to "bribe" Rep. Jim Fitzgerald of St. Albans for a "No" vote on the budget-adjustment override - will, dare I say, "peter" out this week.

Freyne the Psychic sees Neale and Ol' Fitzy shaking hands in the Statehouse cafeteria and agreeing it was all just a "misunderstanding"...."no hard feelings"... they have better things to do!

Speaker Symington, as you know, had written Sec. Lunderville, asking him to appear before the House Rules Committee to answer a few questions and clear things up.

In response, Republicans raised questions about Democratic vote-buying and vote-trading and Gov. Jim Douglas noted the legislative branch doesn't even have an ethics code!

No way, either Democrats or Republicans, want to end the legislative session in a nasty name-calling brouhaha that leaves everyone looking bad in the eyes of the public. This week, "cooler" heads will prevail.

Speaker Gaye is well aware she has no power to force Lunderville toappear before the Rules Committee. She will, however, push to "codify"the ethics guidelines the Guv has posted on his website for the executive branch and she's opento doing likewise with ethics guidelines for legislators. She says morethan 30 states already have them.

Brave new world, eh?


P.S. Picture of the Week? Month?

Thank you, Cathy R., for catching this one Monday on a public bulletin board in the Old North End of Burlap. In the city park at Archibald and North Winooski.

Have I finally become worthy of Sign Man's attention, time and effort after all these years?

Must be doing something right, eh?

Not that size matters, Sign Man, but assuming it's your work, I'd note your HOWARD DEAN sign was a whole lot bigger. So's your RALPH NADER one, too.

But isn't it rather "cowardly" of you not to sign your own sign?

Ah, yes, true to form.

Keep up the good work!


AND wasn't the Doonesbury "Vermont Impeachment" series something special or what?

Catch the finale on Saturday?