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Bernie Sanders
TV News Competition...Online?


So it was a "pinch me, is it real?" kind of morning.

Did Republican Kurt Wright really get elected president of the city council of what has to be one of the most left-wing cities in the United States of America?

The smallest largest city of any state in America. And the hometown for Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, the famous Howard Dean, and the only socialist in the U.S. Senate - Bernie Sanders!

Went online to the websites of our two local TV stations that actually cover local news. Figured, heck, it's 2007, I can watch the reports they broadcast last night at 11 o'clock, right? (Fell asleep a little after 10.)

Well, here's what I got when I clicked for the story on WPTZ - the Plattsburgh, New York station (with a Colchester bureau). Reporter Mia Moran's report was available to one-and-all online.

It is the online age, folks. I've accepted it, how about you?

My heart may be back in the 19th Century, but the Freyne Brain has accepted life in  this online 21st Century. It's called communication.

Once upon a time the printing press had an enormous impact, too. And there once was a world without TV and cell phones, as well..

So it was a bit of a surprise to get this screen when we clicked for Reporter Kate Duffy's story on the WCAX - "Vermont's Own" - website. No QuickTime and no Real Player available at the station that claims to be #1?

After all, this is Ch. 3 - the station with the fleet of color-coordinated vans and longtime ties to the Republican Party, as evidenced by the generosity of its late, great owner Stuart "Red" Martin (and some would argue its political slant in news coverage).

C'mon guys. This Internet thing has been around awhile. Trust me, Macintosh is a whole lot more than fruit one picks from a tree each fall. And I'm not the only one who has one of these Mac computers, either. It's not just Democrats and Progressives and Independents.

Rumor has it, Republicans actually own Macs, too!

A whole lot of media outlets from TV and radio to print are "struggling" with the new Internet Age. How to make money off that online audience?

Certainly having your "award-winning" news reports available to Vermont Apple Computer users wouldn't hurt, eh, Marsillyiss?

It is, after all, 2007.