Still Crazy After All These Years | Freyne Land

Still Crazy After All These Years


If there was any doubt, U.S. President George “WMD” Bush reminded the citizens of America and the world of that sad fact yesterday at his White House presser.

I was reading the transcript this morning, since I missed it yesterday with “Inside Track” duties and a swing by the antiwar protest at the Burlington, Vermont HQ of Democratic U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy - a Bush opponent and an Iraq War opponent.

Down in D.C. there have been no shortage of political explosions lately and one of the biggest in the last week has been Matthew Dowd’s departure from the Bush political-spinmeister team. Dowd was a key Bush strategist who helped get the worst president in U.S. history reelected in 2004. Thank you, Matthew.

We certainly have paid the price and continue to do so.

Asked about Dowd’s defection at his White House presser, Ol’ Georgy-Porgy‘s spin was to blame it all on the fact Mr. Dowd has a son in the military who will likely be heading to the Iraq war zone soon.