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Bernie Sanders
Aging Gracefully?


So I'm minding my own business in beautiful downtown Burlington late Wednesday afternoon, and this wise-guy cop, a lieutenant, approaches.

He's pulling money out of his pockets and mumbling something about, 'Do I have any marijuana I can sell him?'

Actually, Lt. Emmett Helrich was kidding, something he's very, very good at. Instead of weed, he bought the coffee at Uncommon Grounds.

Couple Burlington old-timers are we. I landed for good in 1979; Emmett in 1981.


We remember Martin Luther King Jr. and Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy. JFK, too.

Next, month, said Lt. Helrich, he'll mark his 26th anniversary as a Burlington copper.

And I've been here for all of them plus some!

Ah, yes, memory lane is long and deep. The town has, ah, changed a bit, hasn't it?

Back in 1981 when Emmet first wore the Burlington Blue, that screaming leftist with the Brooklyn accent was serving his first term as mayor of Vermont's Queen City.

Now, I flip on C-SPAN2 and Bernie Sanders, excuse me, Senator Bernie Sanders, is presiding over the Wednesday debate on the floor of the United States Senate.


And Sanders' Church Street senate office is today's target of antiwar protesters.


Chittenden County State's Attorney T.J. Donovan says he will not bring charges against the eight patriotic peace people arrested Wednesday for trespass at Ol'Bernardo's office. Got better things to do.

Bernie agrees. The peace people, he argues, are his people. He's opposed the Iraq War from the get-go and currently supports the bill with the deadline for withdrawal.

Also, just heard a pro-impeachment radio spot on WDEV. And here's a link to a Vermont-specific impeachment website.

The times, they are a changin'.

Just talking about the impeachment of George W. Bush makes ordinary folks feel good!

How long before the Democrat leaders in Congress and Democrat leadersof the Vermont Legislature - Speaker Gaye in the House and PresidentPete in the Senate - wake up and realize it?


It's all about truth, justice and the real American Way.

Bush and Cheney lied about Iraq.

Everybody knows.