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March Monday Madness!


Hey, for the last two hours, MSNBC's been nothing but this (right) as the news story, the only news story, the world needs to know: Anna Nicole Smith died from an accidental drug overdose.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I can go on with my life now! And so can George "WMD" Bush, too, eh?

I know, I know, I'm just procrastinating while I delay writing the "Under the Dome" column for the April edition of Vermont Business Magazine. Things have changed "under the Dome," as they say. But isn't change inevitable?

I just think I'm showing my age.

Also inevitable, is it not?

And having the sudden, personal engagement with cancer that 2007 has brought me, has certainly sharpened many of my senses.

And when presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton made note of the fact on "Good Morning, America"  that two-thirds of the American people who DO NOT have health insurance DO have jobs, one's ears get pricked.

I'm lucky. I have insurance, but still, the U.S. health care system is one big boat anchor, is it not?

Do check out David Sirota's well-deserved, sizzling sizzle of Katie Couric for her "60 Minutes" crotch-diving last night into the motives of  John and Elizabeth Edwards for going public with Elizabeth's cancer recurrence.

Since I first noticed my "lump" on January 1, I have entered a new "society," a beautiful one, too,  that's crowded with good and decent people and many a familiar face. In many ways, it's been a new beginning in life, an up-tick, rather than a downturn.

Once upon a time, cancer was something one kept in the closet.

Fear ruled.

No more.

We're all in this together. The more talk, the better!