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Chemo & Politics


It looks like an airport, I know, but it's the lobby of the new Renaissance Center at the Mary Fanny (FAHC), the one Bill Boettcher went to jail for getting built.

I'm heading up in a few minutes. It's a Freyne Chemotherapy Day. That means 4-5 hours of five different chemicals going into the old vein. Kills the cancer cells and a few others, too.


Noticed the story in the Times Argus about State Sen. Peter Shumlin (D-Windham) saying the Bush Impeachment Resolution currently stalled in Speaker Gaye Symington's House of Representatives would have not been delayed flying through the Vermont Senate.

Yes, she is a Democrat, too, but what she's doing in politics remains an unanswered question in some minds.

Did a piece in the "Inside Track" column out today about that fundamental question: Why is Gaye Symington in politics if she doesn't want to play the game?

The Democratic Speaker's refusal - at a time like this - to take up the Bush Impeachment Resolution is just another example.