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Vermont Reaction


Three Thumbs Down!

"Bush Insists US Must Not Fail in Iraq" was the headline in The New York Times this morning - the morning after President George W. Bush's State of the Union address to Congress.

"Bush Urges Congress to Give Iraq Plan a Chance" was the headline in The Washington Post.

Most people I've spoken to said they couldn't stomach watching it.

How did this guy become president?

Here's a taste of the official Vermont reaction:

Sen. Patrick Leahy:

"It is regrettable that the President hasrejected opportunities for a change of course in Iraq.  He has dismissedbipartisan suggestions advanced by the Iraq Study Group, by our commanders whohave been on the ground in Iraq, and by the people’s electedrepresentatives in Congress.  Escalating the conflict will put more of ourtroops in danger and will worsen the war’s toll on efforts to addressurgent needs in our country.  In my view, the Congress should use itsconstitutional authority to try to change course in Iraq by opposing anescalation of troops and changing our budget priorities so we can bring ourtroops home."

Sen. Bernie Sanders:

"Tonight we heard furtherevidence that this President is out of touch with the reality and needs of theAmerican people.  At a time when our citizens want to wind-down the war in Iraqand bring our troops home as soon as possible, the President has proposedescalating it. Instead of leading us towards universal health care, he wants totax workers’ health care benefits and cut funding for hospitals servingthe lowest-income Americans.  Instead of offering the meaningful policiesneeded to combat global warming and position our nation as a leader in cleanenergy he continues to offer only empty rhetoric.  The American peoplecannot afford these backwards policies. It’s time for bold action thatwill end the quagmire in Iraq, ensure that every Americans receives health careas a right of citizenship, and protect our environment for future generations.”

Rep. Peter Welch:

"There is no more immediate need than achange of course in Iraq.  Regrettably, the President stubbornly clings toa dangerous and misguided policy of escalation, disregarding the advice ofhis military advisors, the will of the American people, the sound adviceof the Iraq Study Committee, and a growing bipartisan consensus in Congress.

"And while repeatedly making pledges toexpand health care coverage and contain costs, the number of uninsured Americans steadilyclimbs year after year.  After declaring our nation is 'addicted to oil'a year ago, he held steadfastly to a dead-end 'drill our way out' energy policythat short-changed alternative energy."

Sounds like they're on the same page, eh?