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An Auditor Moment


Democrat Tom Salmon, the Bellows Falls CPA, hasn't gotten a whole lot of press since winning the auditor's race recount on December 21 by a slim 102 votes over Republican one-term incumbent Randy Brock.

On the first count of the November 7 vote, it appeared Brock had won by around 800 votes.

But Salmon, the son of the former governor of the 1970s and UVM president of the 1990s, won the count that counted in this historic statewide squeaker 111,770-111,668.

Since taking office on January 4, however, Salmon II has been lost in the background of the big legislative kick-off. Tough to compete with global warming when you're just a numbers-crunching CPA, eh?

Yours truly had the good fortune of bumping into our new auditor on State Street in Montpeculiar this afternoon. Nice to see him out strecthing the legs. Told us he's been living with an old Navy buddy in Northfield during the week, unless he has to attend a meeting of the Rockingham Selectboard on which he serves.

The selectboard seat, he told us, keeps him conected to the local community - a very good thing. Said Tom the Auditor:

"As a candidate you deal with uncertainties. To dive into this just feels so right. It’s an accountant’s dream in essence to be given a key to a very effective accounting firm and to get in there and work for the biggest client in the state. When you look at that gold dome you know that what we’re working on here is bigger than any of our egos. It’s really about the people of Vermont."

Feels good?

"Feels great!"