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Fox vs. Vermont II


Remember Bill O'Reilly's obsession last January with Vermont District Court Judge Ed Cashman?

He's at it again!

Read all about it in Darren Allen piece in today's Rutland Herald/Times Argus: "Fox Anchor O'Reilly again jumps into Vt. sexual assault case."

Coincidentally, former veteran Vermont A.P. Bureau Chief Chris Graff was on Fox News this morning to ostensibly plug his new book "Dateline Vermont." He appeared via satellite link from WCAX-TV HQ in South Burlington.

"Vermont for 100 years was the most Republican state in the nation," said Graff. But that "ended about 1950 and slowly the Democrats started growing, and in 1985 became the dominant party in Vermont."

The Fox host (whose name we did not catch - hey, they all look alike!), noted we have a Republican governor named Jim Douglas, a Democratic senator named Patrick Leahy and the other senator, Bernie Sanders, calls himself a socialist!

"It’s really personality not politics that determines who wins Vermont’s elections," said Christopher." Vermonters seem almost schizophrenic when they vote....they pick out the person a little like a Chinese menu."

Like a Chinese menu?

Hadn't heard that one before.

"I want to move on to the judges stories," said Madame Fox. "Bill O’ Reilly has been focusing on this a lot - perpetrators of child abuse getting lenient sentences..."

"I think that what the leaders of Vermont are saying is they don’t think Bill O’Reilly knows what he’s talking about," replied Graff.

Well said, Chris!