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Sunday with Maureen


It's not the Louve in Paris, France. In fact, it's the alley outside a giant commercial storage locker on an anonymous industrial strip in Santa Fe, New Mexico a few hours before the snow started pouring down. But Maureen Freyne, the older sister I have not seen in 18 years, has certainly left her mathematics/computer/IBM/Xerox background of the 1960s, 70s and 80s far, far behind.

You'd think an artist in Santa Fe would be a great success, right?

Not Maureen. I left with a realization that while she loves to paint, success is not necessarily on her to-do list. She lives in two rooms on a tiny fixed income. "Struggling" artist is the kind of artist she wishes to be. I'm reminded of Ol' Vincent of starry, starry night fame. I recall he never sold a single painting while alive.

Nonetheless, Ms. Freyne's work is beautiful, special and unique. She's traveled the Land of Enchantment in the last 15-plus years painting New Mexico's adobe churches...her way! And painting much, much more, too. But it's all sitting unseen in a couple of strip-mall storage lockers.

Ah, life!

I know there are folks who will be struck by some of this work. If interested, her email is: