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A Cool Sunday NightCap


Worried about irreversible climate change, are you?

Relax. Thanks to global warming, the Burlington Parks Department is saving a lot of money on keeping City Hall Park's walkways free of ice and snow this January, eh?

"Our generation," said "Dillon," 20, the dude on the bike, "the people growing up today, we're the people who are going to have to deal with it."

He's got that right, doesn't he?

Heck, I turned 20 in 1969. Earth Day hadn't even begun yet, had it?  Why hasn't my generation, the babyboomers, why haven't we delivered on solar energy and saved the planet for these folks, our successors?

Answer: Exxon-Mobil.

Even if we stopped it {global warming] today," said "Tewks," 22, in the yellow shirt, "it wouldn't change it."

Ah, but we could slow it down significantly, stem the tide and save a whole lot of lives and a whole lot of suffering.

All three, including "Ross," 21, are or have been students at Champlain College. Tewks dropped out, he said. Couldn't afford it any longer.

All three made it perfectly clear to yours truly during a late Sunday afternoon chat that - contrary to the on-the-street comments made by members of their generation on the Channel 3 News Saturday evening - they are very worried about global warming and its impending impact on their futures.

Said the female college student to WCAX while strolling on Church Street Saturday:

"It's really nice compared to like past January's [but] it's really strange because it's 60 degrees and the grass is green and I've never seen that in January - it's cool not having to wear a winter hat and gloves and go shopping and stuff."