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Saturday Night "Fever"


T’was a lovely, warm spring day, eh?

Not connected in any, way, shape or form with “global warming”  - which everyone knows is nothing but a leftist/Democratic Party public relations scam, right? 

And everybody knows, the Union of Concerned Scientists doesn’t know shit from Shinola when it comes to climate change. Amazing the propaganda the UCS puts out, eh? 

Tell it to the ski instructors and snow plowers and snowmobile-owners.

Anyway, I’ve been in just about all day, catching up and “recovering” from the New Mexico adventure. There in the Land of Enchantment were reminders of global warming happening faster than I’d imagined, as well as reminders of my Eugene O’Neill-style Irish family roots. And yes, I will, in response to requests, post a couple of sister Maureen’s paintings - her fixation with New Mexico’s churches is unique.

BUT, I just did a run to Price Chopper on Shelburne Road. Very quiet tonight after 7 pm. So I hear this young woman’s voice in the vegetable section. She has a shopping cart and is standing in front  of the peppers, peppers of all colors, types and sizes. And she’s talking to them. Having a conversation with them!

Hey, each to his own.

But the curious journalist within could not resist. Besides, the Price Chopper, normally a bustling madhouse, was practically empty.

I approached and introduced myself.

Jaime Elliott of Burlington was actually doing one of those hands-free cell phone thingies. I know. I admit it. I’m 57 and I have never owned a cell phone. Don’t want to. Life has been just fine without one.

Jamie, 28, is a counselor at the Baird Center. Very nice person. She does the shopping in the household, she told us. Has for the last couple years.

Boyfriend Chad, at home, is the cook. She’d been on the second call to Chad the Cook since she’d arrived at the store. Might be another one before she was done.

Teamwork, eh?

So what’s a political columnist/blogger doing writing about vegetables?

I think it’s because he’s worried. Worried about an out-of-control human “community.”  A community racked by war, hate, greed and the profit motive. A community where "communication" is high-tech.   

But it's become a community in which the voices of peace and justice are too few and too far between. Where communication among world leaders is pathetic.

Yes, in my lifetime we’ve built a society where one can shop with one’s spouse or boyfriend - even if one party stays home. Hooray for technology.

But we have lost a great deal of ground in building a society where the peace motive is stronger than the profit motive. A society where the stockholders’ interest isn’t the only interest.

Because Jamie and Chad's kids will be facing an even more bloody and much warmer world if you and I don't do something about it right now.

Know what I mean?