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Congratulations, Anson!


The release came out from the Fifth Floor early on Tuesday afternoon and few were surprised. Ch. 3's Statehouse Reporter Anson Tebbetts will be the Douglas administration's new Deputy Secretary for Development at the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

Anson, 41, born and raised on a hillside dairy farm in Cabot, was a radio newsman at WDEV before going TV in 1994. He's a graduate of Emerson College (1987) down Boston-way. He had been on the list of six names that were being bandied about for the top spot, but that went to the older and more experienced Roger Allbee last week.

His wife Vicky Tebbetts is a vice-president over at the Vermont State Chamber of Commerce and a registered Statehouse lobbyist. Supreme Court Chief Justice Jeff Amestoy married them on August 18, 2000 on the family farm in Cabot.

In a Tuesday afternoon phone interview, we asked Ol' Anson what he'd say to those who'd make the case he has been rather soft in his treatment of his new boss Gov. Jim Douglas. We noted Anson wasn't known for asking many questions and rarely if ever a pointed one.

"People know I've been fair to Govs. Kunin, Snelling, Dean and Douglas," replied Anson. I'm a quiet person," he said to us from the WCAX Montpeculiar bureau. "That's my personality."

Yes, it is.

When the new Douglas Ag Team starts up in January, said Deputy Secretary-to-be Tebbetts, they will be defining their roles. "We’ll be listening, meeting people, identifying problems. We’ll meet and greet as many agriculture people as we possibly can,” said Anson, “and put together a game plan.”

He also said we can expect to see him at the Statehouse this session. He said he “suspects he’ll have a role over there on policy as well. That’s where the policy is,” he told us.

Good news: the new deputy ag secretary will be continuing his “For the Birds” Show on WDEV radio with Bryan Pfeiffer. Been doing it for the last 13 years every Saturday morning.  But "The Bird of the Week" on Ch. 3 on Monday's is going to fly away.

Over in WCAX News Land, mighty big shoes to fill,  eh?