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Chairman Leahy


Didn't have enough room in today's "Inside Track" print edition for this photo we snapped the other day of the senior senator from Vermont - Patrick J. Leahy.

St. Patrick's been serving in the United States Senate since 1975, which is before a lot of folks I met in Campaign 2006 were born.

Sen. Leahy wasn't on the ballot this time, but he sure acted like a big winner once the votes were counted. The Democrats are back in charge on Capitol Hill and a Vermonter will be the new chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Yours truly, meanwhile, gets some "vacation" time - the next two weeks off from the print column, but this being the Internet Age, chances are we'll keep Freyne Land updated.

Hey, who'd a thunk the race for state auditor would have such intigue?

Out of about 250,000 votes cast, Incumbent Republican Randy Brock is ahead of Democrat Tom Salmon by only 137 votes.

Progressive Martha Abbott got 23,545.

Liberty Unionite Jerry Levy picked up 4,229.

So far, we haven't heard anyone call Abbot or Levy "spoliers."

Wednesday's Brattleboro Reformer reports:

But Tuesday, after the official results were released, Salmon said he got calls from supporters urging a recount. But he said he wanted to talk with Brock before making a decision.

"We'll talk with each other tomorrow," Salmon said. "I am sure we can do this with the level of professionalism that we had mutually through this whole thing. Democracy is great and Vermont voters deserve a little more attention toward this."

Brock also said late Tuesday that he did not have enough information to decide whether or not he would join Salmon in asking for a recount.

He said he wanted to learn more about how the gap shrunk from more than 800 votes to just 137, and he said he would be talking with Salmon in the morning.