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Bernie Sanders
Veterans Day Plus...


It kind of snuck up on me this year - deer season. Got lost behind the Election of 2006, which is still sinking in. Yeah, sure, some of the people, some of the time. But don't plan on all of the people all of the time. Understand?

Out and about on the two-wheeler in Burlap this morning. Caught the Veterans Day observance in Battery Park. The wind was whipping out of the south at what must have been 40 mph with higher gusts. The little portable wireless speaker didn't work. A couple of the speeches never got heard. That's Sen-elect Bernie Sanders with the hooded, light-colored jacket. Mayor Bob Kiss is to his left. Rep. John Tracy, representing Sen. Patrick Leahy, is to Bernie's right.

Better sound down in front of City Hall. That's where about 60 folks, many of them UVM students, gathered to protest the International Paper test burn of tires. Dr. Jack Mayer M.D. of Middlebury was one of the leading speakers:

"A Bully is someone who hurts, frightens, threatens or tyrannizes those who are smaller or weaker. So what do you call a company like IP that knowingly puts harmful particulates, metals and cancer-causing chemicals in our sir?  A bully. 

"I want to be perfectly clear. This is not about burning tires. This is about burning tires with obsolete, inadequate pollution controls. This is about the arrogance of one company that doesn't seem to care about the harm their pollution will cause the citizens of the Champlain Valley - New Yorkers and Vermonters."

Doc Mayer's got a point, eh?

And rounding out today's threesome in Burlington, Vermont was Katherine Monstream's annual art show - for years at Union Station on the waterfront. First met the remarkable Katherine 20-some years ago when she waited tables at Leunig's. The old Leunig's. Did I ever tell you I'd bartended there for a year-plus, a couple years before that?

Katherine had been a champion skier in college. Her painting skill was a pleasant surprise coming on the heels of other "suprises" in the Burlington Renaissance of the 1980s.