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An American Crossroads


Finally, eh?

The big day.

The citizens of the United States of America will be electing new leaders - senators and congressmen, governors and lieutenant governors and more.

Democracy’s greatest moment.

This is the radical human right of citizenship that Ethan Allen and the boys, and their families, fought for, went to prison for, and died for.

Now one can “blog” about it while the votes are being cast and counted.

Or stretch one's legs with a stroll down by "Oakhenge,"  the newly-erected Stonehenge-like Earth Clock by Blanchard Beach adjacent to Oakledge Park on the Burlington shoreline. It's intended to be a  Circle for Peace.

Nice to see "peace" getting a plug for a change, eh?

I'm sure our troops in Iraq would appreciate it. The troops waiting to go to Iraq. And the people of Iraq, too?

Surely, "Supporting Our Troops" does require more than affixing a fake yellow-ribbon to one's gas-guzzling global-warmer, doesn't it?  Requires more than quietly accepting the outrageous lies of a regime hell-bent on an invasion? A White House determined to - under no circumstances - let the truth get in the way of their policy?

Yes, it has been scary. Through the electoral process, our government was captured by crooks, liars and thieves. Incompetent crooks, liars and thieves.

If Oakhenge reminds us of anything, it's that we Homo sapiens have been on this spinning rock for quite some time. The golden rule is that what goes around comes around. There must be accountability. Without justice, there can be no peace.

The twentysomethings (and some thirtysomethings), that I've met during this 2006 Vermont political campaign understand that. I have not had children, but this crew would be my kids' age if I did. Their parents were my contemporaries. I sense a comfortable familiarity. It's more than just a game to them. After a rather long absence, my old 1960s hope for a brighter day has been steadily returning in recent months.

This new 40-foot-wide Burlington stone circle (Barre granite), is being built to create a beautiful spot for personal reflection and contemplation. It'll also be a wonderful educational class-outing for school children. The stones mark the solstice and equinox sunsets and much more. You see, these folks have the "radical" and ancient idea that "inner peace/inner strength can be restored by the simple witness of the rhythms of nature."

Yes, indeed, there was knowledge before laptops and Blackberries.

Happy Election Day 2006!

Do your thing and do check in, will ya?

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Imagine Thomas Jefferson with a laptop?