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Sunday Outlook


A little dicey on the weather front today, eh?

Thought I'd post this one from yesterday's sunset over the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain as seen from the Ol' Burlington, Vermont bikepath.

It's the homestretch. Sixteen days to go.

Busy time on the Vermont political columnist and blogger front. Almost finished the monthly "Under the Dome" column I've been writing for Vermont Business Magazine since the first Bush was in the White House,  - an Election 2006 forecast three Sundays out. The VBM deadline is the farthest out from publication of any that I have. And anything can happen in two weeks, right?

Well, cannot worry about that which I cannot control.

"Inside Track" is the last thing that goes in Seven Days each Tuesday afternoon.  I email it in to Pamela by 4 p.m., then drop by the office 45 minutes later to proof it one last time with the gang. It's on the printing press in Plattsburgh by 6 o'clock.

The Internet Age. And now the Blog World.

The VBM column, the approaching nasty weather,  as well as my growing distaste for spending time driving an automobile, are the reasons why I'm not going up to Sterling College at Craftsbury Common this evening for the legislative and Lite-Gov debates.

The incumbent, Republican Brian Dubie, has told debate organizers he will not be there. Democrat Matt Dunne is going anyway. Prog Marvin Malek is going, too. Dubie's looking a little worried as Dunne the Democrat looks anything but done.

No question, when it comes to debates, Dubie's ducking. After all, the Doobster's presided over the Vermont Senate, when it's been in session, for the last four years (except when out west playing American Airlines pilot).

State Sen. Matt Dunne has been serving right before his eyes. Literally. Their styles - and their political views - clash. Dubie knows well what he's up against. He's obviously decided "avoiding Matt Dunne" is his key to victory this time. Avoiding wind-power opponents and George W. Bush also appear to be items on his to-do list.

Lite-Gov Doobie-Doo had a miraculous conversion to publicly supporting industrial wind energy last month - something that did not endear him to Vermont's leading wind-energy opponent - his running-mate on the GOP ticket, Gov. Jim Douglas.

Think Young Dunne had any influence on that?

And speaking of debates, WCAX wll be hosting a Welch vs. Rainville congressional debate live at 9 p.m. tonight in Winooski - admission by ticket only.

And the Champlain Valley's Plattsburgh station, WPTZ-TV, Ch. 5, will be running a debate three-bagger this week. All debates 8-9 p.m.

Monday - U.S. Senate
Tuesday - U.S. House
Wednesday - Vermont Governor

P.S. Got some interesting emails from readers who contacted WCAX-TV about their decision not to broadcast a Vermont governor's debate. Looks like the news operation that calls itself "Vermont Own," is hanging firm and will not put Jim Douglas and Scudder Who? head-to-head on a Ch. 3 Vermont debate. 

In fact, News Director Marselis Parsons had a real treat for his "Vermont's Own" audience this morning. His guest on "You Can Quote Me" was Jack Stewart, the new mayor of Plattsburgh!