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Bernie Sanders
A Better World?


Sometimes it looks so peaceful. So in order. Ducks being ducks. People being people. Equals. Wouldn't you like to slip into one of their bodies, just for a day?

I would. I'd love to chat with the other ducks, get to know a few, pick up their perspective on homo sapiens and, last but not least, fly!

But this recent shot in Burlington Harbor betrays a peace that has been in flight the last few years. Everyone's been feeling it. Endless war is the current administration  policy: "The War on Terror."

It's pure propaganda just like the phrase "weapons of mass destruction." Over and over and over again. Guess what?  The WMDs did not exist. Oh, yes, folks, the poisonous legacy of the Bush-Cheney Administration will be long and dark.

Ha! I'll always remember when a business-lobbyist friend told me way back in 1997 that Texas Gov. George W. Bush was their team's next president. A done deal.

I nearly laughed him off the bar stool (ah, the good old days!). You see, I simply could not look at the face of George W. Bush, in a newspaper or on TV, without seeing the face of Alfred E. Newman from the "What, Me Worry?"  Mad Magazine-days of my innocent youth. I thought he was just teasing me. I thought he was joking.

I thought wrong.

Talk about a bad joke, eh?

It's no longer possible to pretend, folks. We all know it. This is the most incompetent and dishonest White House in American history and the Bush-Cheney Team has inflicted more damage on our beloved nation - a nation we took too-much-for-granted - than any of our off-shore "enemies."

I don't know about you, but I want my country back.

Hey, do yourself a favor and read Ed Barna's excellent story in Friday's Times Argus/Rutland Herald:

Lt. General advises Bush: 'Get out of Iraq'

MIDDLEBURY — Get out of Iraq as quickly as possible, Lt. Gen. William Odom, U.S. Army (Ret.), urged at Middlebury College on Wednesday...."The invasion of Iraq is likely to be "the greatest strategic disaster in American history."

...We should leave Iraq "no matter what kind of mess is left behind," Odom said. There would have been a mess if we left in 2003, but not as much as if we had left in 2004, and that wouldn't have been as bad as 2005, he said.

"Every day longer that we 'stay the course' the cost goes up and makes the eventual defeat much larger," Odom said. He predicted that United States forces would finally leave the heavily defended Green Zone in Baghdad with the same desperate haste with which the last Americans left Saigon after the Vietnam War.

And, in just the last month, we've seen the first flickers of light at the end of this long American tunnel. Now, at long last, their House of Cards is finally crumbling. Did you catch Paul Krugman's Friday column in The New York Times?

Will the Levee Break?


The conventional wisdom says that the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives next month, but only by a small margin. I’ve been looking at the numbers, however, and I believe this conventional wisdom is almost all wrong.

Here’s what’s happening: a huge Democratic storm surge is heading toward a high Republican levee. It’s still possible that the surge won’t overtop the levee — that is, the Democrats could fail by a small margin to take control of Congress. But if the surge does go over the top, the flooding will almost surely reach well inland — that is, if the Democrats win, they’ll probably win big...

...So if the Democrats win, they’ll probably have a substantial majority. Whether they’ll be able to keep that majority is another question. But be prepared to wake up less than four weeks from now and learn that everything you’ve been told about American politics — liberalism is dead, whoever controls the South controls Washington, only Republicans know “the way to win” — is wrong. (Are we seeing the birth of a new New Deal coalition, in which the solid Northeast takes the place of the solid South?)

(For Krugman's column you have to buy the hard copy or sign-up for TimesSelect.)

Here's a couple more things you might be interested in:

Interesting Strategy - Woke up this morning to an email informing me Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie has canceled yet another debate against his Democrat challenger Matt Dunne and Progressive Marvin Malek. This one was scheduled for 6:30 p.m. next Sunday October 22 at Sterling College in Craftsbury Common.

Looks like both Doobie-Doo and his running mate, Gov. Scissorhands, are keeping the lowest profiles possible since the leaves started dropping.

Not a good time to have "Republican" after your name on the Vermont ballot, eh?

Wonder why that is?

Rethinking Debate Blackout??? -  Heard a rumor, and it is no more than that at this point, that WGOP, er, WCAX-TV NEWS may be rethinking its decision not to televise a Vermont gubernatorial debate this year. We've heard from many viewer/readers who were surprised by Ch. 3's decision to completely ignore the governor's race since the chances of a Scudder upset of Gentleman Jim remains "in play."

Instead, Ch. 3 broadcast a Bernie Sanders vs. Richie Rich Tarrant debate, even though Tarrant had effectively flushed himself down the you-know-what months ago with those nasty, half-truth attack ads that he's spent millions on. Ch. 3 is also doing a congressional debate between Martha Rainville (R) and Peter Welch (D).

In case you missed it in "Inside Track," here's what veteran Ch. 3 GM Peter Martin kindly wrote us in response to our "press inquiry" about the gubernatorial omission.

“We traditionally do debates on weekends. In thinking about this year, the first thing we looked at was which weekends we could count on for a reliable start time given the NFL and college football schedules. When there is a 4 p.m. game start, we almost invariably end up with an overrun, which pushes back the network schedule, which in turn makes the debate start time an unknown. As well, we had to consider the network schedule of programs.

“We ended up with two weekends in which we could reliably schedule debates. Given that there were two, we determined that the senate and congressional races were the priority in terms of the nature and significance of the races.” 

Look, folks, like it or lump it, if one lives in beautiful Vermont, one turns on WCAX-TV for local news. We depend on Ch. 3 for Vermont news, and there is, after all,  only one Marselis Parsons, eh?

But in our little state of few people and fewer TV News operations (two if one counts Plattsburgh N.Y.-headquartered WPTZ),  would it be asking too much for Vermont's largest "award-winning" TV News station to, as a public service, broadcast a quality, Made-In-Vermont gubernatorial debate?

A Ch. 3 Vermont Governor's Debate between Republican Jim and Democrat Scudder  that would surely attract the largest Vermont debate audience of the entire 2006 Election?

Have to ask: Has "public service" become just a public-relations catch phrase over there?

Right now "Vermont's Own" sure isn't looking like "Vermont's Own." Know what I mean?

So.... Let's give the Ch. 3 brass a chance to rethink this, eh?

WCAX General Manager Peter Martin posts his email and phone number on the wcax.com website. Just scroll down. In my dealings with him over the years, Peter's always been a gentleman, too. 

So if you're a Ch. 3 regular (like me) who wants "Vermont's Own" to air a Vermont gubernatorial debate, give the GM a call or send him an email. There are more than two weeks remaining.

Besides, it's still a free country, isn't it?