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Jeezum Jim's Surprise


Last Monday opened for Republican congressional candidate Martha Rainville with word her campaign website contained at least three instances of plagiarism. She took down her campaign website, fired the campaign policy researcher responsible, and apologized profusely.

Then she had the little problem with the anonymous National Guard letter charging her with favoritism in her treatment of an officer in an investigation allegedly involving an X-rated, locally- produced DVD. She denied doing anything wrong, but in doing so, acknowledged there had been an incident.

Then today - a letter from Independent U.S. Sen. Jim Jeffords to the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee complaining about a Rainville TV ad they're running that includes a photo of Jeezum Jim. He asks they stop running it.


"The country will be better served with the Democrats gaining control of the House of Representatives."

Jeffords, the former Republican, says he's for Democrat Peter Welch.

Download Jeffords letter .pdf

NRCC spokesman Ed Patru told Wilson Ring at the Montpeculiar bureau of the Associated Press:

"The ad simply makes the case she is an independent, thoughtful leader in the tradition of Aiken, Stafford and Jeffords "We do appreciate his kind words in the letter, especially his reference to her as a thoughtful leader."

Said Candidate Rainville:

"I think it is a nice ad. I'm pleased they're staying positive. I don't see any reason to stop using the ad. I think it's complimentary to everyone who's shown in it."

Said Welch campaign spokesman Andrew Savage:

"This brings to light the pattern of misleading information appearing in the national Republicans' ad campaign for Martha Rainville."

Well, the TV ad has had one unexpected effect. It's gotten Jeezum Jim to let a wide audience know he thinks Welch is a better choice.

And as long as they keep running it, Vermont viewers will be reminded.

Effective advertising?


But for which candidate?