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Bernie Sanders
Governor's Race Tightening?


Election Day is four weeks from tomorrow.

Any chance of an upset in the governor's race?

"The reality is that people are learning my name," said Democrat Scudder Parker, the only candidate to grow up on a Vermont dairy farm. "People are coming up to me when I go to events and saying 'Oh, Scudder, I wanted to meet you!'"  said the Scudster at a Monday morning presser in Burlap.

"So the name is getting out there," said Parker. "The response is there. And that's exactly what we need to be doing four weeks out from the election."

"Do you feel confident?" we asked.

"Absolutely," replied Parker. "I felt confident for 14 months, but I feel even more confident now."

Mr. Parker called the presser at Democrat HQ in Burlington Monday morning to shine the light on Louis Porter's Friday frontpager in the Rutland Herald/Times Argus that blew the lid off the behind the scene cozy dealings between Gov. Jim Douglas and the right-wing anti-Wilderness Bill crowd.

“We now know that two senior Douglas officials were thinking more about helping the Governor’s political campaign this summer than they were about looking out for the interests of the people of Vermont,” Parker said.

“Those kinds of calculations have no place in this discussion, and memos like that certainly wouldn’t be written by anyone I appoint. In a Parker administration, I will make it very clear to those I nominate for senior posts that I expect them to offer advice based on sound policy, not partisan politics.  And if anyone were to write me a memo like the ones written by Mr. Torti and Mr. Wood, that official would be subject to disciplinary action.”

“Thanks to good reporting and the legislature’s passage this year of the bill outlawing the Douglas Administration’s attempts to hide behind a deliberative process privilege, the truth has come out.  And the truth – that Jim Douglas cast aside a long public process, intervened at the final hour, and effectively killed the bill by writing to anti-environment Representative Richard Pombo – is not pretty.”

Parker concluded, “When it comes to our commitment to protecting our forests and protecting the voices of all Vermonters, the difference between me and Jim Douglas could not be more clear. Jim Douglas doesn’t seem to understand that this is about so much more than just the wilderness bill.  It’s about treating the public engagement process with the respect it deserves and allowing the voices of Vermonters – which came together through a process of deliberation and compromise – to be heard.”


So's the fact that Gov. Scissorhands does not have a weekly gubernatorial presser scheduled for this week, making it his third consecutive week without one.

That's a bit strange, isn't it?

So's the fact WGOP, er, WCAX aired a live U.S. Senate debate last night between Independent Bernie Sanders and Republican Richie Tarrant. Mr. Sanders, polls show, is crushing Mr. Tarrant by a 2-1 margin.

It's over.

But Ch. 3 does not have a gubernatorial debate scheduled between Douglas and Parker.

That's odd, since the governor's race appears to be closing in the wake of the incumbent's scuttling of the Wilderness Bill at the last minute and other issues.

You'd think the station that calls itself "Vermont's Own"  would sponsor a debate on the race for CEO of Vermont, - a race that's still up in the air? Instead, WCAX holds a Sanders vs. Tarrant debate, even though Tarrant looks like he may not break 30 percent on November 7!

Oh, but that's right, Richie Rich has been spending moola by the millions at Ch. 3 since January. Got to keep the customer satisfied, eh?