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A.M. Vermont


The big local Burlington story on the WCAX-TV News this morning?

The Church Street Marketplace entrance to the Burlington Square Mall is being painted!

I’m not making this up.

They’re painting the mall’s brick facade “Colonial Yellow.”

Surveys showed, said Marketplace spokeswoman Casey Baker, that tourists walking by on the pedestrian-only four-block brick Marketplace, had no idea there was a huge double-decker mall behind those doors. She said it all kind of blended in with the brick street.

Jeezum Crow! It only took 26 years for anyone to realize it. You see - human progress has not disappeared.

Two things:

1. GOP U.S. House hopefuls Martha Rainville and State Sen. Mark Shepard debate live at 9 a.m. on Ch. 17 in Burlington. Simulcast on WDEV Radio  550/96.1. And live online here. Mark Johnson moderating.

2. Check Louis Porter’s Vermont global warming article in the Times Argus. Ever wonder why there’s so much Canadian maple syrup?

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Now, excuse me while I go write up that other stuff that gets printed on newsprint (how old-fashioned!) and doesn't hit the streets until Wednesday morning, assuming the world lasts that long.

Imagine 10 years out:  do you really see newspapers - made of paper - in the picture?