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Welcome to Freyne Land


There’s a time and place for everything. And the folks at Seven Days say the time is now for yours truly to start up the blog-side of Ol’ "Inside Track." After all, it is 2006. The Internet has been an almost daily part of my life since I made the plunge in 1997 and bought that first iMac.

Remember dial-up?

Remember for a second the good old days before the “personal computer” entered and changed lives. Saw a story Sunday about IBM’s first personal computer introduced 25 years ago this month in 1981.


On the first Tuesday in March of 1981 - Town Meeting Day in Vermont - voters in Burlington threw out an entrenched and overly confidant Democratic incumbent who had just succeeded in his fight to make Church Street the pedestrian marketplace you see today. Mayor Gordon Paquette was so confident of victory he didn’t spend a dime on campaigning. No way, he thought, could that loudmouthed left-winger with the Brooklyn accent (who Gordie always referred to derisively as “Mr. Saunders” instead of “Mr. Sanders”) come close to winning.

Guess what?

The guy with the Brooklyn accent wouldn’t go away.

Neither will I.

This blog thingy could get interesting.

So thanks for stopping by and remember, we’ll always leave a light on for you!