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Jenny Sangkhanond - LUKE AWTRY
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BKK in the Alley — BKK in the Alley is a big party, and co-owner and head mixologist Jenny Sangkhanond keeps the cocktails and vibes flowing, whether she's twirling a cocktail shaker or flinging aroma-filled bubbles onto a line of shots.

Sangkhanond is part of the Thai restaurant's new generation, which took over, revamped and rebranded the former Bangkok Bistro in the Alley in late 2021. Now, chill crowds smoke hookah and drink buckets — or even towers — of mai tais and other tiki-inspired cocktails at the end of Burlington's Thorsen Way.

Behind the neon-lit bar — and in videos on her Instagram account, @wicked_tequilaqueen — the pink-pigtailed Sangkhanond crafts cocktails with flair. Her signature drinks feature the aforementioned aromatic bubbles; fanciful ice carved into roselike swirls, filled with fresh orchids or molded into the shape of a butterfly; and plenty of Thai ingredients, such as homemade pandan syrup, chile-infused coconut milk and cold-brewed, boozed-up Thai tea. Party on.

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