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Anjou and the Little Pear

Anjou and the Little Pear


Two years ago, just before Jess Ackerman opened her consignment store on Burlington’s Main Street, she explained its unusual name to Seven Days thus: Anjou pears are “tasteful, with a bit of green.” So, too, the store, which exemplifies the green practices of recycling old furniture and home goods and “upcycling” old products into new ones. (Besides selling original art, Anjou carries some upcycled creations of local artists and crafters.) Today, the store’s 4000 square feet are a great place to browse through a century of changing fashions in home décor; the popular midcentury-themed Modern Love room offers everything from a sleek Danish Modern table to a 1977 Space Invaders arcade game. Ackerman says she loves the “treasure hunt” aspect of her business: “You never know what’s going to come through the door.”

SEVEN DAYS: How do you decide on a price for the used items people bring in?

JESS ACKERMAN: We come up with a price together. Because I’ve been open two years, I sort of have a pulse on what sells and what doesn’t. I’ll look things up if I don’t. A lot of times, it will depend on the consigner and how quickly they want to move it along. A lot of people don’t know what something’s worth, but I’ll give them my best guess, or surprise them with a bigger check than they were expecting.

— Margot Harrison

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