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Chub-Rub Woes

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Published June 19, 2013 at 1:03 p.m.

Dear Mistress,

Summertime is upon us, and I have a heat-related inquiry. To stay cool in the summer months, I wear a lot of dresses. Because I am a woman with ample thighs, I often wear bicycle shorts underneath to avoid the painful rash that can result from my thighs rubbing together (it really hurts!). The shorts have served me well; however, now I have a boyfriend, and I am not keen on him lifting my dress to reveal a pair of Lycra bloomers. Further, wearing bike shorts doesn’t really help me beat the heat (butt sweat!). Are there any sexier options for keeping me cool and dry?


Thigh Master

Dear Thigh Master,

In my circle of ample-thighed friends, we refer to this summertime nuisance as “chub rub.” Maxi dresses and skirts are key in keeping cool during the summer months, but you’ve got to keep your thighs protected. When sweat builds up and skin rubs on skin, you’re left with a raw, painful rash that can lead to permanent scarring or discoloration of the skin.

To step up your undergarment game, check out a lingerie shop. Retailers have become wise to “chub rub” and are now making racy and lacy shorts with sufficient thigh coverage. If possible, stick with cotton — natural fabrics let your skin breathe. Also check out a product called Bandelettes. These anti-chafing thigh bands are reminiscent of wedding garters but give six inches of thigh coverage to ease rubbing — and they look hot, too!

Finally, keep a small stick of BodyGlide or similar product in your beach bag. Traditionally used by runners to combat chafing on long runs, this miracle lube can be slathered between your thighs to keep things gliding smoothly (you can also use it on your feet to prevent blisters).

And one last tip as you navigate your new summer romance: It can be harder to keep your cool in the searing sun. If you find you and your partner getting overheated — physically or emotionally — try reconnecting in the comfort of an air-conditioned room. Trust me, it’s well worth the electric bill.

Thigh in the sky,


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