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The Love Counselor


Published March 28, 2001 at 8:38 p.m.


Dear Lola,

Whenever my boyfriend comes to my house, he spends most of the time at my keyboard. It’s always for a good cause — he’s cleaning up my hard drive, reconfiguring my applications, etc. — and I do appreciate the help. But I wish he’d look up from that blasted screen every now and then and notice me! His obsession is eating into our romantic life, but not nearly as much as it’s eating into me. Help!

Ignored in Isle La Motte

Dear Ignored,

In the days before personal computers, your boyfriend would have been drawn to your stereo system, and before that your car. Imagine the frustrated cave woman waiting around while her honey obsessively honed her pounding rock. Known in medical circles as Gadgetori-ous Grabborious, this syndrome results from the natural tendency of testosterone to gravitate towards gizmos. The bad news is that this condition is incurable. My advice? Either learn to entertain yourself while he’s otherwise absorbed, or find a love-object with a higher level of estrogen.

Love, Lola

Speaking of Sex,