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File Under: Really?


This just in from Higher Ground: Third Eye Blind is playing the Ballroom on Tuesday, May 5.

In other news, Third Eye Blind apparently still exists.

Out of morbid curiosity, I simply had to go to the show page to check out the details. Upon removing my jaw from the floor after seeing the $35/37 price tag — for Third Eye Blind! By contrast, Jeff "I'm Jeff Fucking Tweedy" Tweedy reduced his ticket prices . . . to $25! Now, where was I?

Oh right. After absorbing the absurdity that a band like Third Eye Blind would command such an outrageous sum, I composed myself and perused their press clipping. I don't mind telling you that it is among the finest examples of PR speak I have ever seen. And by "finest," I of course mean "inscrutable." Check it out:

Since 1997, San Francisco’s Third Eye Blind have recorded three best-selling albums and assembled one career retrospective. 3EB will release ’Ursa Major’, their first studio collection in five years, in autumn 2009.

Led by Stephan Jenkins, 3EB won wide success during a tumultuous group of years when the major-label recording industry was finally losing its grip on an enterprise that for decades it had dominated with steely efficiency. Nothing could have made 3EB happier! 3EB, however, have experienced no comparable loss. Instead, they have gained artistic clarification -- and, surprisingly, a fan base larger than ever.

Participation in the older, untouchable realm of nervous star-making could color a band’s identity. In the case of 3EB, it often blurred the perception of their brilliant musical creations. In recent years, those creations have recast the band among a current generation of fans.

3EB now write, tour, record, and communicate in a fluid new world where their music continues naturally to evolve. Their exchange with their audience is unfiltered.

I'm not even sure what most of that is supposed to mean. But I feel dirty. Verrrrry dirty.