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Cohen Tours North America/Prozac Stocks On The Rise


(Editor's Note: This just in from erstwhile Nocturnal's bassist Bryan Dondero, who is gettin' bloggy with it during some well deserved down time. -DB)

What better way to clear up those winter blues than to treat yourself to a Leonard Cohen show this Spring? Okay, maybe that's not the best antidote for seasonal depression. But a chance to see one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time would turn any frown upside down. Hell, even Kris Kristofferson declared that the opening lyrics to "Bird on a Wire" would kick off his epitaph! Folk's poet laureate has lined up a string of shows across North America for the first time in 15 years. Surprisingly, Burlington is not included on the tour — come on Flynn, step it up! 

Sir Cohen does, however, include a stop in his hometown of Montreal on May 21st at the Pavillon de la Jeunesse. Hey, it's just a short drive and a brief cavity search away. So worth it in my opinion. You may want to double check the dates on his tour page though, as the first date says "Austin, TX, Canada." That's really going to throw off the whole NXNW/SXSW thing! Incidentally, if anyone is interested in starting a folk militia to kidnap L.Cohen and force him play a solo show at Parima (nothing compliments Folk Noir like a nice steamy Shu Mai . . . yum), a signup sheet will be attached to this blog.