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Did Anyone Order the London Symphony Orchestra, Possibly While High?


Local hip-hip mover and/or shaker Burnt MD has gotta be just about the hardest working musician in VT, hip-hop or otherwise. He's also one of the more aggressive promoters I've come across in my time behind this desk — and I've come across quite a few. Hardly a week goes by that he doesn't drop a line — or six — updating me on his latest dealings. Usually it's interesting, if not exactly stop-the-presses type stuff. But this week, he offered a little nugget that could go a long way towards bringing VT hip-hop to a larger audience.

The estimable Microphone Doctor has been selected to compete in the Soul Assassin's MC Contest. For the uninitiated, Soul Assassins is a collective of musicians and graphic designers affiliated with Cypress Hill. For this contest, Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs created a beat for MCs from around the country to rhyme over. I'm not sure how many folks entered, but judging from the number of comments on the website, I'm guessing it was quite a few. For Burnt MD to be one of 11 finalists is an honor in itself.

But frankly, fuck that noise, yo.

On behalf of the 802, I want to see the hometown product make good and win this thing. But he's going to need our help. At the moment, he's about 130 votes behind the current leader. But with two weeks to go before the polls close, anything can happen, especially if we mobilize, grass-roots VT style.

So here's the link to the contest. Check it out and take a listen to B's work. Then vote. It's just that simple.