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Wishful Thinking


Ho, Ho, Ho, Solid State! (It's still Christmas for 11 more days . . . look it up)

In today's paper — a rare Friday edition! — we ran a piece featuring the holiday/New Year wishes of various folks from, or connected to, the VT music scene. Due to space limitations, we couldn't print all of them. So what follows are the remainder and a few that (predictably) came in after deadline. You'll notice  the list also includes the submissions that made the paper. This is because I didn't feel like going back through and sorting out which ones were or weren't printed. Also, several of the wishes that made the paper had to be trimmed down to fit. These are by and large reprinted as they were submitted. Technically, I'm on vacation, so edit in your mind if you must.

Oh, and feel free to add to the list in the comments section.



For Hot Chip to play a martini mixer in my living room.
For Stephen Malkmus to return State of Mind's calls.
For my police record to be cleared so I can finally get a work permit
to play music in Asia.

Adam King, Musician/ Music critic


I, Kyle 'Fattie B.' Thompson, would love to see these 3 items from Santa jammed it my stocking this year:
1. A brand new shiny economy (with extra money for those who need it coming directly out of the wallets of those don't)
2. A Tribe Called Quest and Fugees reunion concert at Steez on my birthday
And . . .
3. A night of SERIOUS drinking with Smiling Tom Messner, Pamela Polston, The Logger and Howard Dean, Amy Winehouse and myself.

Fattie B

*Ed note: Ms. Polston says, "Bring it on."*

On behalf of Positive Pie:
I would like a BAND TO SHOW UP ON TIME FOR SOUND CHECK.  Not just the bass player, not just the drummer (who is waiting for the guitarist who has got his kit in the back of his van)  but THE WHOLE BAND.  ON TIME.  Ready to set up, with all of their gear, no complaints, and just sound check. 

Anne-Marie Keppel, Music Manager, Positive Pie 2

1.       For musicians, writers and artists to get along and support each other...more.
2.       A forum for reviews of all music that comes through Burlington – yes, to review Everything!
3.       For bands to play 3 sets - an entire night, like it used to be.
4.       More clubs and live-music coffeehouses.
5.       And for myself - a nice light, powerful Resnik brand P.A. System.

CHARLIE MESSING –  singer and guitarist, formerly with “Be That Way” and “Johnny Vermont”.
(and 30 years ago, with the “Unholy Modal Rounders” and with Robert Gordon)


More seriously, though, I would love to see more non-bar music venues in Vermont...or at least more stage-centric designs.

Thirtyseven of The Algorhythms

While all my personal favorite all-time best wishes were granted already November 4, 2008, I'll be greedy:

I'd love a Creston Electronics rosewood twang machine, with an all-rosewood neck and a Charlie Christian neck pick-up, Lollar vintage tele bridge pick-up, etc., in my stocking.

I'd be very happy with a Joseph Campanella Cleary F-style mandolin, made in his incredible violin-building process, under the tree.

And finally, a Max Schwartz Liberty amplifier, with a 10" Weber Blue Pup in a varnished-tweed cabinet, about 15 watts of  de-lish tone and attitude (I KNOW I'm gettin' this one!), anytime, anywhere.

I also want Frankie Andreas to come to Honky Tonk Tuesday and shred the bejeezus out of some deep lick-age. Come on kid--give it up.

Brett Hughes

I wish for a armored/ATV/ pope mobile-style vehicle that will drive mikey dread and I around so we both don't have another year like this last one.

Daryl Rabidoux-
Strangeways Recording/Not for Profit Stuntman

I hope Santa brings a hammer and one final nail to drive into the coffin of post-modernism.

Michal Chorney - composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist.

In 2008 I toured New England. I was accompanied sometimes by a Vegas show girl on dumbek, a girl on flute, a belly dancer with hand cymbals, a viola player and I went on National TV by myself. In 2009 I'd love a band... Oh, and more yummy groupies ;)


I'm not too particular about what I find under the tree as long as she's got long legs, great tits, and she's quick to get out of her stockings...

J.J. Harris of the metal band Amadis

I've got enough stuff . . . maybe a few places to put what I have to good use, especially the stuff I have laying around that hasn't been used in 2008.

Learn to REALLY play some of the instruments I've picked up the past few years: the accordion Marc Savoy gave me, the bodhran lugged back from Ireland, the ehru bartered for in Bejing, Mike Aldridge's lap steel guitar, the flute from Travis Perry in Canyon de Chelly, Cyrus McQueen's 12-string guitar . . .

The ability to say no, instead of maybe, which always turns in yes, when asked to call a weeknight dance in Montreal, a club date that starts at 11pm, the chance to play for 10 minutes after driving 4 hours each way for a worthy cause . . .

Spend more time teaching and learning (vs. performing)

My wish list sounding less like new year's resolutions......

Mark Sustic

Dear Vermontaclaus,

I would like a crystal clear description of the niche my newest set of songs fits into so I can decide how tight my jeans should be, what bands I should make friends with, and what clubs would fall over their beer-soaked rugs to have me on their stage. This would save us a lot of hair-pulling poring over concert calendars and unanswered emails to tick tick. Barring that, a house with a recording studio 2 hours from every east coast city.


Alex Nief would like the City Market parking lot to be redesigned and preferably not by someone who enjoys demolition derbies and screaming hippies. Simply making it one-way would seem adequate.

He would also like...

...his license back from Vermont and New Hampshire. Did you know that running a yellow in Burlington is against city statute? Well it is. I'm not paying the ticket, so you might as well just give it back. As for New Hampshire, I plead "live free."

...an attention span. I'm not taking the drugs, I take enough drugs already. I just want a goddamn organic attention span.

I want my father back you sonofabitch!

...to quit drinking and making fun of people. But that will never happen so he'd accept a modicum of tolerance from his audience.

...CCTA to wait until the scheduled departure time before leaving. This isn't Tokyo, we're not in that much of a hurry. Waiting a half hour for the next bus in the dead of winter is not going to be tolerated this year.

...deaf people to stop trying to talk; It's disconcerting. He also thinks that it would be fun if blind people had to play Marco Polo (it gets everyone involved in disability awareness).

...a strip club on the Church Street Marketplace. It's beginning to look a lot like a Michael Eisner wet dream.

Alex Nief

How about fast,efficient rail from DC to Montreal, local and express (why isn't Obama including rail in his plan for economic recovery through the renovation of the country's infrastructure?); and a gift certificate to the best acoustic guitar store in the world, Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, TN (note the similarity in names!).

Kris Gruen

All Husbands AKA wants for Christmas is to be asked to open for The Specials on their reunion show at the Higherground Ballroom, and then joining them on stage for the encore to play rousing covers of "Skinhead Moonstomp" and "Pressure Drop." We don't think that this is too much to ask.
Husbands AKA

We wish for the coming transmission from our home planet of Electronic Halodise to reach our Earthly plain soon so as we may complete "our" plan to open up the universal highway so all beings may intermingle soul to soul.

Joe Halo, Johnnie Day, Jarmac, F.P. Cassini et al.
Electric Halo


Santa Claus, right or wrong
What I want is one hit song
Can use the cash, don't want the fame
Don't need to be a household name
Fa- la- la, ring- ding- ding
A song for everyone to sing

Carol Abair

Justin and Chris @ Nexus Artist Management  are thankful this holiday season for an easier work visa process for our artists touring the United States from other countries, and are very hopeful that Alex Crothers and Capacitor (Josh Brown), will bring back the "LIFTED" series in the New Year.  Oh yeah... and dancing Sugar Plums are alway nice...

Nexus Artist Management


My usual answer to "what do you want for Christmas" is 'To be free of obligation', but since you asked...
I want satire and irony to be taught in schools.
I want listeners to value the dynamic content of their music, rather than just how loud it is.
I want people playing music too loudly in their earbuds to actually become deaf.
I want people to listen to albums, rather than "collections of singles."

Joel Abbott
The Go Ahead And


DJ Llu wants:
1. For me: The DJ computer program "Serato" (heck yes say my fellow DJs).
2. For the fabulous: A queer bar back in Burlington.
3. For the lil' jocks inside all of us, cause who doesn't like grown men slapping each other's asses?: A Giants repeat Super Bowl win.
4. For my inner "dance-boi": The new Missy Elliott album, "Block Party" (please, no more delays!  It has been over a year!)
5. For my buddy Ober n' Out and all other redheads: Kathy Griffin live in Burlington. 
6. For Drag Ball 2009: Inspiration for my drag group that tops last year.

DJ Llu

I'd like more bloggers for False 45th.  Email me.  [email protected]

I want record clubs to flourish from coast to coast or at least see one start in Burlington...and be invited.

I want four new albums from The Capstan Shafts.

A crushing US win over Mexico in Azteca and an easy draw for the next World Cup.

Brian Murphy
Blogger - False45th.com


1. An American flag autographed by Becky Rogers and Rev. Sullivan of The Dirty Blondes.

2. For Casey Rae-Hunter to move back to Burlington so we can finally start our psychedelic dirge band called The Ides of Snid.

3. A proper Zola Turn reunion show in 2009 (hmmmm).

Sean Altrui
Musician/booking agent


Dear Santa, I'll keep it simple this year:

1. a castle in Scotland
2. a penthouse apartment in Manhattan
3. a private island in the South Pacific (or the Mediterranean)
4. a world tour with "backing band" Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
5. a helicopter for transport to and from gigs
6. a tattoo of a tiger on my left shoulder jumping out of the fog with a tear on his cheek and a reflection of Elvis in the tear
7. some soft porn (for the wife)

Aaron Flinn


I want Yo La Tengo to come play a special Hanukah all-requests benefit show for The Radiator.  Swale and The Cush will open.  Yo La Tengo will be impressed, take both bands out on the road and get them signed to Matador.

Mike Carney
Host of Anything but Country on The Radiator


My musical Christmas wish is that John Tesh and David Hasselhoff do an album together.

Rev. Diane Sullivan


All I want for Christmas is...
1. Unsullied cowgirl boots - to add some personality to my new business casual dress code.
2. Money management skills - so when the world goes to hell I'll have my stash under the mattress.
3. To find the Maine equivalent of the Monkey House - the perfect merging of bar and music venue! 

Bridget Burns
Wyld Stallions Records Owner
(And Portland Phoenix Account Executive - Woot!)


A Seven Days music critic who is more knowledgeable and less clever, more in depth and less hip and jaded. Someone who actually reviews the songs on a CD and not merely lumps them all , as well as the artist, in some tidy category of said critic's own making. And if said critic refers to said artist's history he should feel some obligation to actually get it right. 

Patrick Joseph Fitzsimmons

I wish that all the vocal microphone grilles in all the bars and clubs in Burlington will have a nice long wintery soak in disinfectant this holiday season.

-Creston Lea, guitar-maker, rock-n-roller


I'd love a Creston guitar, a bari sax, a goody bag full of Lunaroma products, and the re-opening of Club Toast, or something comparable downtown.

Caroline O'Connor
Saxophonist & Chanteuse, among other things


In Memory of Pluto (collectively at 2:35 am) would like for the holidays...
1. For Husbands AKA's "skavan" to be mysteriously riddled with obscene graffiti......at the bottom of the Winooski...
2. "Chinese Democracy"
3. For Mr. Island to walk again...
4. To no longer use the emergency brake as the primary braking mechanism in our shuttle...
5. For deaf children to fly again...
6. To kiss Tom Waits on the lips (just for the picture)
7. For Justin Gonyea to finish the track order of our CD
8. For Seth to phone in the vocals from prison once more...
9. For Ryan to be 16 again (with Urian Hackney's chops)
10. And for the Metronome to go... beep beep beep BEEP beep beep beep BEEP...

This is our list of demands...

In Memory of Pluto

These are uncertain times and we know most bands in Vermont don't make a lot of money.  Our wish this Christmas is that all Vermont bands be granted access to the beer they deserve.  There are bands out there living twelve pack to twelve pack not knowing where the next beer is going to come from.   We wish that all the dark, cold, and cramped band practice venues of Vermont could be equipped with  a decent and ordinary keg cooler filled with the band's beer of choice.  If you're a politician, showgoer, club owner or just plain music lover .. . please, this Christmas, give beer to  musicians.


I wish...
1. UVM would stop trying to impress the parents of prospective
students with elaborate new buildings and invest more money in our
education and less on superficial ridiculousness.
2. WRUV host a college radio live music festival that'll rock y'alls socks.
3. Bodies of Water, Born Ruffians, and Bon Iver play Burlington before
4. that WRUV have even more shows with articulate and informative
guests, interesting and educational themes, and live music production
in the 2009 Spring Schedule (*i know i'll get this one!).

Alaina Janack
aka WRUV DJ & Director of Fiscal/Fun(ds)


I wish....
1. To get our impressive Rock Vinyl Collection out of storage and into
the station!
2. The Music Promoters only sent us albums that people will actually listen to.
3. For the love of GOD, that our station will get the redesign it so
desperately needs!

Jess Rahn/DJ Twist
Music Director


1) The Jesus Lizard to make it back to Vermont for their reunion tour.
2) Vermont summer music festival with no Jam bands.
3) Pinball Saloon/Bar with the ultimate juke box music selection by
WRUV & Radiator DJ's.
4) Tick Tick to take over a small dive bar and stop pretending the
Bakery is a secret.
5) Rock and Roller Skate, Music Rink(R).
6) No more Mexican restaurants that suck.

Free Range Chicken


I would like seven pipers piping out remixes of Pavement B-Sides while
ornately decked out in flowers and leaves and waving golden wands in
the air with decided glee and satisfaction, where it will suddenly
turn warm and sunny and we can wiggle our toes in the grass again.

Brooke Morrison
WRUV DJ// Total Music Obsessionist/Enthusiast/Former Rock MD of the
lovely station.


i'd like a competant or better president, legal afterhours in
burlin-ton, a clean vinyl of creamer and ks remix of jason downs
'cherokee', less coal and switches, AAA and a puppy.

DJCapsule wed 0900=1200 90.1 WRUV




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