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Par-Tay for the Bay-Bays!


Do any of our readers have bay-bays? I do not, but I do still manage to keep my finger on the pulse of local and national kids' music, and coming right up is an event worth mentioning.

It has been ten years since local act Robert, Gigi, and Carol released their first CD, "Like the Birdies Sing". While those of you not strapped with kiddies might have never heard of the trio, you likely do know Robert Resnik, if not for his VPR show, "All the Traditions," then at the very least for his CD reviews in Seven Days.

While the trio now performs as a duo, minus Carol, the three will be reuniting for their anniversary, May 24 at Fletcher Free Library. The show runs from 2-4 pm and is free, but money from CD sales will benefit special programs for children and adults.

I started attending weekly Robert and Gigi shows at the library shortly after I became a nanny. And continued to attend for over a year. So I speak from experience when I say that those shows are like a local mommy/nanny/baby social hour, and in incredibly high demand.

No, seriously.

In order to be allowed into the shows, we would have to remember to call the library a full month in advance to register for the next month. If we were too late in calling and the list was filled, we would have to arrive early each week and wait in line, at the slim chance of taking the place of a no-show. And when I say 'wait in line' I really mean it. That staircase in the children's section of the Fletcher Free was packed with babies from all over the block.

To the under five crowd, Robert and Gigi are total rock stars.

So if you have a baby, and you have a chance, you should definitely check out this show. For more information (or perhaps to question about capacity? and time to arrive?) you can call 865-7216. Or, if you'd like to do your part to help the cause and order a copy of the CD, email Robert at