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Not on the list.


I just got off the phone with Alex over in the Saint Michael's College Student Activities office who kindly provided me with a little clarification to some news I received via facebook this morning.

That being, the much advertised WWPV State Radio concert will not be open to the public as previously announced.


I don't know if any of you are State Radio fans, but I am, and after bonding with the band when they allowed myself and the IVAW boys to table at their Higher Ground show last October I was psyched to see them play Vermont again.

Turns out, we can't. The show is scheduled for P-Day (Preparation Day, my Saint Mike's alumni friends tell me), and keeping with Spring Weekend tradition, all activities are open only to students and their registered overnight guests.

Alex wasn't able to tell me much beyond that. Just that it was up to the administration and they decided to follow suit with previous years.

Damn you, facebook event creators! Keep it closed next time, would  ya?