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Yikes, sorry for the lack of posting. I got the flu. Nuf said.

I assume you've all heard by now that Phish will be receiving a lifetime achievment award from the Jammys. Wow. I can't even type Jammys with a straight face, let alone say it. Stick me at that awards show with a couple people playing a game of Risk next to me and Lord of the Rings on the big screen and you've officially created my own personal ninth circle of hell.

Which is not to say I don't appreciate Phish, I just don't listen to them. Or any jam band actually. Although I did really enjoy The Casual Fiasco while they were stationed in Vermont.

I will always be humored by the expectation that if you live in Burlington, you like Phish. This is not an expectation held by actual Vermonters, but rather by the brand new trustafarians that infiltrate UVM each fall and take over our town with their dreadlocks and SUVs.

My favorite Phish story has got to be the time my friends and I crashed a UVM party, and after surveying the apartment's classic college posters, indie-film boy James asked, "Who's Trey Anastasio?"

Did you just hear the record stop? It was like a bad college movie with the big dramatic silent pause before the onslaught of ratty-haired boys slinging around bad keg beer and screaming, "WHO'S TREY ANASTASIO!?"

Poor, James. He had spent his college years listening to Tom Waits. What did he know?

It's not clear whether or not all members of Phish will even attend the May 7 awards ceremony, and at this time there are no plans for a reunion performance.

Maybe they'll pull a Madonna and have Iggy Pop and The Stooges do a couple covers instead.