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Rocket Powered


It's Wednesday night. Do you know where your local music critic is? On The Radiator, that's where.

Tonight I'll be making my debut appearance on Big Heavy World's "Rocketshop," hosted by Radiator co-founder Jim Lockridge. And I'm pretty psyched about it, I am. 

Here's the gist: I show up with a few select cuts from records recently reviewed in the esteemed pages of Seven Days and play them on air. Simple, no?

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that you guys don't run out and buy every disc that gets ink in the paper. So the idea is to afford our readers — and Radiator listeners — the opportunity to hear some of the more interesting music they've (hopefully) been reading about. Kind of put a face (or ear, I guess) to the words.

Because of some predictably silly FCC regulation, I can't tell you exactly what I'll play. But I can tell you who.

This week, you'll hear music from Paddy Reagan's new EP, Hey! Hi! Hello!, Mickey Western's debut full-length, Gringolandia, the hip-hop comp Projected Vol. 2 and Moses Atwood's eponymous debut, which, if you haven't read today's paper, I really, really, really liked. A lot. Really.

Anyway, tune in tonight. 8 p.m. 105.9 FM.

PS- along similar lines, I'll be releasing podcasts featuring local music in the not-too-distant future. Or, as soon as I figure out what the hell a "podcast" is and how to make them.