Farm Noise in Boston? | Solid State

Farm Noise in Boston?


It seems Boston really is the "Hub of the Universe." This week, at least. Continuing on a theme from earlier in the week, S'nalban's/Enosburg Falls' finest, Farm, was glowingly reviewed in a recent edition of Beantown's voluminous indie music rag The Noise. Reviewer Ryan Bray refers to the trio's terrific 2007 release Gray Birds as "arguably one of the best records you've likely never heard." Well, I have heard it. A lot. And it's hard for me to disagree. Congrats, boys. When can we expect the new disc?

On a totally unrelated note, have you folks seen the documentary "King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters?" If you like Donkey Kong, fierce competition and even fiercer mullets, I highly recommend it. The film centers around two gentleman widely acknowledged to be the best Donkey Kong players in the world and one man's quest to gain acceptance in the surprisingly exclusive world of competitive gaming. If it sounds ridiculous, it is. It's also thoroughly engrossing and, at times, genuinely touching. Perhaps it was just lingering effects of The Game That Shall Not Be Named, but I found myself rooting with as much enthusiasm and vigor as any sporting event I've seen in recent memory. And for me, that's saying something. Chills, I tell you. Chills.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. As for myself, I'm playing the bachelor for a night or two as m'lady is out of town. I'm thinking greasy pizza, cheap beer and bowling. It's the simple pleasure, folks.