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Great Americans


So apparently I'm in a band. Apparently.

Yeah. That soulful crooner in last week's Shot in the Dark really is me. Who knew that much diva lived inside a suburban choir girl, eh?

Let me back up and explain.

I have never known how to play an instrument. Back in fourth grade when I had the chance, I decided I wanted to play drums. Unfortunately, the school's band instructor decided I should play violin. My parents actually had to call the school before the instructor would concede to let me play the instrument of my own choice. By that point, I decided I had no interest in being in his band.

And so I sang instead.

But it wasn't until last weekend that I ever sang at a bar...

I have been attending shows of the various musical projects of Eric Carlson and Tyson Valyou since I moved to Burlington. No wait, since before I moved to Burlington. I remember arriving at my friend Erin's Vermont apartment for a weekend away from Maine only to be greeted by Pretty & Nice set up to play in the living room.

So when they told me they were starting another band, it was no surprise.

And when they asked me to sing in it and I agreed, I never for one second took it seriously.

That is, until I called Tyson the following weekend on my way home from Jazzercise and asked what he was up to. When he told me he was loading his drums into the Monkey I said, "Why? Are you playing tonight?"

Which was when he informed me that WE were playing that night.

Um... what?

For those of you like me, who have never had the balls to sing in a bar, listen closely. The secret, it seems, is to chug two tallboy PBRs during the time it takes to study the provided lyrics sheet, and BAM. That stuff is like Mariah Carey in a can.

Lucky for me the songs were all my old choir favorites: "Going to the Chapel", "Build Me Up Buttercup", and everyone's favorite, "American Music".

And also lucky for me, I was not the only one singing. I was one of four. Or five.

Which was truly a gift since it was my first experience with a monitor and I didn't know enough to ask anyone to turn it up. As in... I'm pretty sure I visited every key, including the correct one, during my short flirtation with songstress.

I can't guarantee Tyson and Eric (and all other... oh, thirty-five members of the band) will invite me back to sing again, but I'm still totally grateful for that one night.

Because for the first time since the fourth grade when both the band instructor's and my own stubbornness deemed me choir-bound, I GOT TO BE IN A BAND!