Aaaaand We're Back! | Solid State

Aaaaand We're Back!


Greetings Solid Staters!

I'm in the midst of a two-week long break from all things writerly and the critical side of my brain has completely shut down. As such, I've spent the non-yuletide portion of my free time in blissful delirium, watching videos like this on You Tube:

God, I love vacation.

In other news, local pop icon Gregory Douglass has released a video for his song "Hang Around," which is now airing regularly on LOGO, MTV's gay and lesbian themed network. The vid is part of "The Click List," which allows viewers to vote for the videos they want to see aired. In order for Douglass to stay in rotation, he needs folks to lend a helping cursor and vote for his tune. Check out the video and cast your ballot here. You'll have to scroll down a bit, but you can vote as much as you'd like. Choose or lose indeed.