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"Sky Blue Sky" is neither sky, nor blue . . . Discuss.


I was going to just reply to the last few comments on the last post, but then I realized I could kill two birds and just start a new post. I'm so clever.

In response to you last comments, Casey: Word. And I want my 2 (thousand) dollars!

Low kicked ass as well, though I admittedly listened to most of their set doing keg-stands in the parking lot. Not sure if that aided or hindered my perception of their music.

Seven Days wonder-boy Mike Ives had an interesting take on the show — which methinks isn't the show you heard, Casey. The only link I could find was to the Boston gig the night before. Then again, I'm somewhat net-tarded, so maybe I'm wrong — according to this week's letters to the editor, that's not out of the realm of possibility.

I did find a link at bt.etree.org. And no, I won't link you there, even if BT files are "legal."

Anyway, Mike's comments were in regards to "Via Chicago," from Summerteeth. Throughout the song, Cline & Co. interspersed bits of distorted bleats and feedback. Just a little at first, but by the middle of the song had built a cacophonous wall of noise. All the while, Tweedy just strummed and crooned almost as if totally unaware of the sonic anarchism surrounding him. It was stunning.

Ives called it a "microcosm of Wilco," pointing to the myraid ways the band seems to effortlessly fuck with our collective heads. I'm paraphrasing at this point, BTW.

Not to put words in our all-star writer's mouth, but I think what he was getting at is that "Via Chicago" in many ways summed up Wilco's evolution and approach to their music and, perhaps, the variety of public perceptions of the band. I would guess that how one viewed that particular version of the song would be a good indicator of one's general opinion of the band.

Summerteeth or Sky Blue Sky? Jay Bennett or Nels Cline? Jetta or Beetle? The debate rages on.