Almost the last post. | Solid State

Almost the last post.


Well, my time here at 7D is winding down. In fact, I wrote my final column this morning.

Sorry things have been so slow on the blog front; there's just been so many attending life issues that I simply didn't have the time or energy to put anything together, however brief.

The new Music Editor is named Dan Bolles. Some of you already know him, I'm sure. He's aces.

This blog space will no doubt be reconfigured, but I'm not entirely sure what form it'll take. On Friday, I'm going to meet with our Online Editor Cathy Resmer, our Creative Director Don Eggert and our new Music Dude. There has been talk of bringing  on a couple (or few) more contributors; perhaps some of you loyal Solidstaters will be solicited. But it's all up in the air for the time being.

As Dan picks up more of my day-to-day tasks, I'll have a little more time to blog, so look for my digital farewell (well, at this locale, at least) in the coming days.

Of course, I have another blog at the ready, and you're all invited to join me there at its unveiling. Which will happen soon.