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Fountain Heads.


I've never been shy about my love of the band Deep Soda. They're nice guys, talented musicians, and complete fucking weirdos.

The band's previous album, Jongles: Collected & Destroyed Vol. 1, was excellent, but didn't showcase the full range of their talents. That's probably because the songs, inspired by ad jingles, were so damn short.

Well, I just got an advance copy of the sequel, Pose Dead: Collected & Destroyed Vol. 2. It's presents a better example of the DS dynamic, while retaining the queasy bravado that made their last effort so compelling.

There are gross synth sounds, sick shredding, vocal melodies that range from tender to psychotic, kick-ass percussion, fat friggin' bass and even some Spanish guitar. Oh, and I think the whole thing works as an invocation to daemonic entities. Added value!

The release party is on Jan. 19 at Metronome with Cccome? and White Raag, a tabla-sitar duo featuring DS drummer Tim Sharbaugh. Should be an awesome show. But don't forget to pick up the album — headphones are the way to appreciate this band.

Now enjoy yourselves a teaser:

Deep Soda — "Leviathan Hades"

UPDATE: I Just had to post one more song, because it's even more awesome. I hope they don't kill me for giving away their music. "Now put on the Nikes and drink the Kool-Aid!"

Deep Soda — "Viy"