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Weekend warrior.


Saturday's Radio Bean birthday party was, for the lack of a more unique descriptor, awesome.

I spent a lot of my time upstairs in RB proprietor Lee Anderson's apartment, which featured real-time audio/video of the acts on stage. This technological attraction was courtesy of multimedia guru Bill Simmon.

I watched several bands on a giant projector screen, and was frankly amazed at how terrific the sound was. Even in the bathroom.

Supposedly, 45 bands played. I missed most of them, as I was recording all day. But I saw a handful of great performances from 10 p.m. to around 1:30 a.m.

My favorite set was by Cccome?, who shredded the shit out of doom-blues. Mike Deutsch from Black Sea Quartet rocked electified mandolin with tons of distortion. His playing reminded me of '70s Robert Fripp in full freakout mode. The rest of the band veered between early Black Sabbath and a kind of tribal, hypnotic groove. They need to get in a studio soon.

Swale, who I haven't seen in a while, reminded me of how much I dig their music. They took the stage pretty late, so they had to play abridged (and somewhat sped up) versions of their songs. For example, the molasses buildup at the end of "Faineant" was given the double-time treatment. Surprisingly, it worked; a testament to quality songwriting.

I would've taken pictures, but some dude named Peter Freyne has appropriated the Seven Days house digital camera. Who needs photos to cover politics, anyway? Supposedly we're getting another one. I sure hope it's soon, for the sake of this blog. I mean, there are only so many YouTube vids a man can post.

Flatlander has a nice overview of the Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest at False 45th.

And I might as well let it be known that Brooke and I are getting married in June. Ha!