The grind. | Solid State

The grind.


I'm currenly sequencing the tunes for my next podcast. I don't wanna give anything away, but it should be a treat. Or maybe a trick....

Our cat doesn't have cancer; it's a bone infection. This is good news. Still, the vets say it'll be tough to knock out, because antibiotics are more readily absorbed into blood and tissue than bone. Treatment may take a several months. Meanwhile, she's groggy and none too pleased at the situation.

On to my ailments. Currently, my lower back is completely screwed up. A friend of mine zapped me with his Reiki mojo, but results were limited. Maybe I'll sacrifice some tofu to the Great Old Ones.

I'm gonna try to hit the Gomez show at Higher Ground tonight (opener Zac Clark is reportedly playing with Daryl Rabidoux and Mike Portman of Strangeways Studios) but it all depends on whether I can stand up for more than 10 minutes at a time.

I'd say I was cursed, if I weren't so happy. Generally speaking, that is.

Lastly, those wily fellas in Farm have posted some new rough mixes from their ongoing drunkfest recording session. Check it out.