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Untruth in advertising.



Mia Matsumiya of Kayo Dot.

In this week's column, I mentioned putting up a couple of tracks by Kayo Dot and Christina Carter. Unfortunately, the stuff won't upload.

Perhaps KD are just too epic for the internets. Well, you're gonna have to trust me when I say they're awesome. Witness their wizardry tonight at 242 Main.

Carter performs at the Green Door Studios on Sunday. It'll no doubt be an interesting performance.

In other news, I've been busy making music. Really good music, actually. I'm beyond psyched, and anyone who knows me can tell you how rare that is. In addition to working on my new project, this weekend I have to master a record by a freaky talent straight outta Indiana.

Today at 1 p.m. I talk to Mr. Melvins. Had a chance to do a Flaming Lips phoner, but the turnaround time was too tight. And, since Wayne Coyne no doubt reads this blog, we'd likely have gotten into a fight. Or maybe he'd have suckered me into his cutesy-robot cult.

I'm still gonna go to the show.