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Hope, sweet Hope.


Casey + Hope = TLA

Murf over at False 45th has a fine post about the Jesus & Mary Chain, with links to live MP3s.

Seeing Hope Sandoval in J&MCs "Sometime Always" video made me reminisce about the wee lass and her hazy, lazy voice.

Yes indeed, I had a serious crush back in the day. Anyone who says guys don't fantasize about running through the heather chasing butterflies with an ethereal moon pixie are full of shit.

I recently watched an old clip of Mazzy Star performing on "Conan O' Brien." After they finish playing, Conan comes over to congratulate the musicians, as he's wont to do. Hope just stares at him confusedly, like he's got two heads. I swear she was under sedation for the band's entire career. Then again, so was I.

I saw them live in 1994. So lovely and enveloping.

In tribute to the queen of narcotic soft rock:

The day before my birthday, 1994: