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Rock Opera tonite.


Steve Tremblay of Cave Bees is playing his epic song cycle "Famous Alligator" tonight at 1/2 Lounge. Chances are I'll be at Higher Ground for Konono no. 1, but it's a tough call. The fact that I'm nearly broke will likely be a factor in my decision. Drinks at Half are kinda pricey.

Here's more info, straight from the horse's mouth:

Hey everybody,
please come down to the AIR CONDITIONED 1/2 bar on
Tuesday to see Steve play his rock opera, FAMOUS
ALLIGATOR in its entirety.

There will be booklets available containing all the
pertinent information (character descriptions, lyrics,
which character is singing what), so you can read
along and find out what this rock opera is all about.

Fans of the CAVE BEES will recognize about half of the
songs from the rock opera, as they make up about 3/4
of the CAVE BEES set.

Famous Alligator is written in 3 acts, and between
acts there will be intermission entertainment provided
by MORTAL WOUND AND THE BOBOS, Chris Beneke's one-man
garage band.

This gig was only listed in the paper as MORTAL WOUND
AND THE BOBOS, so I'd appreciate it if you'd all
forward this along to all the local rock supporters to
get the word out.(thanks)

Come on down, 7/18 Tuesday night 9pm, to the 1/2
lounge at 136 1/2 Church st., Burlington.

yours in rock,