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I Left My Heart in San Fran-Cheesy


What movie is the title of this blog from? Guess right and win a San Franciscan homeless person.

So, here we are.

Went to Aquarius Records, Giant Robot store, Herbivore (laid-back vegan joint in the Mission) and a fucking amazing 5-star vegan restaurant called Millennium. I had no idea that food could be prepared so well. If meat eaters were to try this place, they would no doubt abandon sirloin forever.

Tried to see Superman Returns on the Imax 3D screen, but the projetor broke three times. After nearly two hours of waiting for them to get their shit together, myself and the 700 or so other attendees all descended on the box office for refunds. Pretty lame that the debut of a ultra-hyped film in a major market could be handled so poorly.

Being a glutton for punishment (and having one free pass) we're gonna try again today.

There's a Ben & Jerry's on the corner of the fabled Haight-Ashbury. Yay commerce! That entire 'hood pretty much sucks anyway.

Hopefully we'll see Arthur again soon. We still have to hang with my pal Potsie (of Revolver Distribution and Comets On Fire fame) and dine with Brooke's grad school mentor Dodie Bellamy. Her latest book inspired Sonic Youth to write a tune with the same name. It's the second-to-last cut on Rather Ripped.

I'll try to post more later. We have to go to a vegan eatery run by a Vietnamese Buddhist sect!