Nostalgia Trip Part II: Early-onset Alzheimer's. | Solid State

Nostalgia Trip Part II: Early-onset Alzheimer's.


Babe in Toyland.

I miss being young, fearless and lysergic.

Let's step back in time, shall we? The year was 1992, and the music world seemed primed to explode.

Well, maybe it was just the drugs.

A day or so ago, I was watching a metal-themed countdown on VH1 Classic. The program was hosted by Skid Row's Sebastian Bach, whose continued enthusiasm for the genre never fails to amaze me. Apparently, Skid have moved on without him. Look for 'em at your local VFW hall!

Featured in the countdown was White Zombie's "Thunderkiss '65." Not feeling it? Drop more acid, pierce something, and give another listen.

It made me recall the days before the '90s rockersbecame washed-out caricatures of themselves. Not that Rob Zombie wasn'talways a caricature. It's just that he was cooler back then.

I'm happy to discover that WZ's bass-slingin', motor-fueled goth sweetheart Sean Yseult is still playing.

I promise I'll get off the nostalgia trip soon.