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More memories!


A couple of posts ago, I mentioned history's longest running avant-metal/punk band, The Melvins.

Not long after, a publicist for Ipecac Records wrote me about a "very special release" from Buzzo & co.

Seems that instead of giving their bitchin' 1993 disc, Houdini, the standard reissue treatment, the band has instead decided to put out a live version recorded last year. It's called A History of Gluttony & Lust.

Here's a taste: "Hooch"

As fans are aware, the band (traditionally a trio)  has a hard time holding on to bassists. The latest casualty is Kevin Rutmanis (ex-Cows) who is replaced on this recording by John Zorn acolyte Trevor Dunn.

Anyway, I love Houdini. I listened to it thousands of times in those strange years before I went legit. It occupies a special place in my heart to this day.

One of the perks of having done fair amount of national freelance reviewing is that I'm on a lot of promo lists. Companies send me their stuff (mostly of the left-of-center variety) all the time, with little more than a promise to give it a spin.

So I have been rediscovering the magic of Houdini (PUN!) and remembering the days when rock music still seemed to have a few unexplored corners.

But wait — there's more: Going against fundamental universal law, The Melvins recently expanded to a quartet.

Here's some info:

In early 2006, Dale Crover confirmed rumors of the members of Big Business joining the Melvins. Commenting on adding another drummer, Crover said this about Coady Willis: "He's left handed, so we want to do this 'mirror image' type of thing. We've kind of fused our two drum sets together, and we're going to try and do some crazy thing with it. We're sharing these big toms in between us."

Far out!