The name of this blog is Neil Cleary. | Solid State

The name of this blog is Neil Cleary.


Flatlander of VT blog False 45th posted a live review of Neil Cleary's recent Montpelier performance.

Check out the picture of Herb rockin' a T. Rex shirt.

Hot stuff.

Hey, were any of you aware that Rex leader Marc Bolan published a book of poetry? It's called The Warlock of Love. I shit you not. Here's an excerpt:

We hide behind the masks of the Orient,

Because the sullen lumbering shapes of

The western world strike fear and terror

Into our limbs, and all is ungrown.

Legends we long for and legends there

Are in the east of our heads.

So perchance Gods dwell unseen in the

East of the world.

Man, that rivals Morrison for drugged out, quasi-mystical gobbledegook.

I want a copy!

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