Dear Burlington... | Solid State

Dear Burlington...


General Zod keeps his beard neatly trimmed.

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever.

I wanted to open myself up here for a minute and have a heart to heart with my beloved burg, and its fine inhabitants.

Sometimes, in the constant rush from newspaper to newspaper, show to show and project to project, I get a little goofy.

It often seems to me that everyone is having a nice, fun sociable time, while I scurry around like a crazed cockroach. I've always felt like a little bit of an outsider; in my advancing years, I've come to realize that most other folks do too. I don't mind — in fact, I embrace it.

But that doesn't keep me from getting a wee bit jealous at all of the "fun" others seeem to be having. But you know what? I'm having a fine time, as well. I just get so wrapped up in my own activities that I occasionally forget.

Yup, things are pretty damn good. I'm proud to know the lot of you, and prouder still to have worked with some of you.

But that doesn't mean I'll ever stop taking the piss out of (and expecting more from) this weird little city.

Now, then. That's enough. I don't want to appear too sensitive. It could ruin my, ahem, reputation.